UI / UX Design

Web layout has become the important part of any website and hence it has been taken with much care. It is an important part of web designing and web development process and can be called as the master of designing page since it contains all formatting options and designing interface options with it.

ZVST does web layouts that are user friendly and with attractive themes of client choice. All our Websites built using PHP with multiple security functions and protect the website from viruses and spyware attacks including sql injection and XSS.

Website re-engineering generally refers to rethinking from the basic element to everything and imposing logical ideas on to achieve ultimate results or dramatic results such a change is necessary for any website designing and web development process.

Although the program or software helps in the changing the view or look of the web page during website designing and web development process, it is about the programmer who designs the page. Hence such innovative thinking process is basically necessary for any website construction in a web designing, web development or user interface generation process such thinkers are available in. ZVST, where the people initially think about the necessary condition process which can be the exact solution of what the user and client need. ZVST does website re-engineering in an elegant way. Where the entire website designing and development look and feel is most wonderful of all the web designers the one cannot beet another.

There are many tools available for creating websites and web applications during website designing and web development process. The Bootstrap framework has in-built template tool which helps in choosing the perfect design for our website. In addition to this, It contains java script extension as an additional method which helps developers to design the dynamic website.

ZVST uses the bootstrap framework for web designing and web development process. The main advantage of using bootstrap framework is that it has reusable components in which the developed components can be fit in any devices like mobile view, tab view, and pc view.

Parallax design is a part of web designing process generally comes under the computer graphics category. Parallax design generally involves the motion of images. In parallax design the foreground image moves faster than the other or in other words, the background image of the video or camera moves slower than the foreground image of the video or camera. In the 2D video, this can create a depth effect which can enhance image focus in the video during web designing.

ZVST does a suitable parallax design for website designing during web development and with user requirement specification where the designs are so creative and wonderful. The parallax design can bring an interactive feel to the user that will give an effect of telling something like storytelling during the movement of objects which makes the website lively and interactive.

Graphic design is considered as a part of web designing process during web development. Most of the people design their website with the help of graphical design process for example use logo and special symbols in websites for web designing to know about the object branding and peculiarity.

ZVST does a graphical design which can be added as an additional process in any web development and web designing process. Since the interactive web page is very important in any web development process which can coincide with web designing, we do it in a clear, user-friendly and in an attractive manner.

Corporate videos are most effective and it is used to reach any person effectively. These videos are helpful in educating the clients about the offers and products quality. There are many types of videos in which the corporate video is one such thing where it helps in the promotion of company products such as about their products, company history, techniques used, brand of that company.

ZVST does a corporate video with excellent designing. The presentation of videos to the institution or any organization about the project or technically related contents are done in our company. Other than web designing and web development we do such attractive videos within the client budgets as an additional feature.