QA / Testing

Website testing can be done with the help of various tools like CSS HTML validator, test studio depending on the web applications. The website testing is delicately done with the help of team members after successful completion of the web application.

In ZVST, we do website testing for scalability, reliability as well as performance. In order to do so we execute Performance testing and evaluate their compliance with standard performance requirements. The resulting consistent and repeatable tests identifies any bottlenecks in resource utilization, transaction response times, and overall website / app performance.

In integrated testing, the components are individually tested or it can be integrated as a fully featured, structured and tested. Integration testing is the part of software testing in which all the components of the software are combined together and tested.

In ZVST the integration testing is done as a whole component testing before the delivery of any project. After integration testing validation testing is done to check the validity of the software components, whether it is in working condition or functionality example form validation is done. Along with this a testing process is performed for detecting flaws in security mechanisms and finding the vulnerabilities of software applications in order to protect the system from external attacks and threats.