About Company

ZVST offers a wide variety of consultants committed to careful testing and thoughtful selection of the latest developments in technology for each job. We demand that employees are professional, highly educated, well trained and immersed in theoretical and practical aspects of businesses as they operate within exigent economies. We are fully committed to professional development and to support ongoing, rigorous, functional and technical training. So we consistently deliver world-class results that we can stand by as we grow with you.

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Cloud Computing

As tech work continues to dominate professionals and business, data storage and accessibility have exposed impractical limitations that cloud computing has solved. ZVST alleviates concerns and facilitates clients to transfer to cloud technology.

Mobile App Development

Nowadays Android development is most widely used by many people not only because of the popularity of the Android software but also because of the ease of access with good user interface design and for its open source license.

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We can afford to stand by our products and services with our advanced professional engineering staff and attention to every detail from concept to delivery and each step in between.

We have multiple years of experience and we are expert in the following services.

UI / UX Design
Web Development
Software Development
Mobile App Development
Recruitment Services