Our Team

Software Developers

Finest custom software from concept to implementation and everything in between. Our certified software engineers produce the highest quality control available. We work with clients one-on-one to facilitate clear, comprehensive, accurate development with creative ideas and solutions in the conception of the software, specifications, design, programming, testing, and with thorough documentation.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Development is highly competitive with regards to hardware specifications, screen size, and configurations within the intensely popular mobile software developments and platforms. Our team is full of highly accomplished and professionally trained mobile app developers that guarantee quality and usability. Be it native or hybrid apps we use the latest platforms and research packed project execution workflows to build the apps so that the clients can get the maximum return on their investment.

Web Developers

We promptly deliver professional Web solutions including web designing, web development, web content management, and ecommerce. We put into action our expertise in the areas of internet strategy, branding, search engine optimization and cutting edge web technologies to empower clients to achieve their goals effectively. We are well versed with web development of diverse solutions ranging from Corporate Websites to Custom Web Applications and from Enterprise Portals to e-Business Solutions.

Digital Marketer

ZVST not only provides digital marketing and technologies for getting your name out, we are in a unique position to develop your products marketing and campaigns that will be irresistible to your target audience. Expand your target audience range by creating a need for the products, services or ideas.


ZVST is ideally situated to relieve you of IT Recruitment. This complex activity can be very time-consuming and is typically an area of expertise where our clients do not specialize in. Our process begins by carefully analyzing and prioritizing job requirements. We then extract appropriate candidates through pre-screening. Once we narrow the candidate pool, we communicate directly with job-seekers for an informal interview.

QA / Testing

We commit to consistently provide the highest quality assurance available in the information technology World. Our QA is not a matter of putting out fires, but a pro-active, systematic process that defines every aspect of our products and services. Our emphasis of the QA process is on the product / service meeting the standard requirements and detecting if any product or service related defects occur before they get into the final stage.